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Mount Rushmore Set 1 - American Quilt Blocks - AQB-MNTRUSH-1

Mount Rushmore Set 1 - American Quilt Blocks - AQB-MNTRUSH-1


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Mount Rushmore Set 1-Olde America Antiques. MRU-0001set.
This set contains four vintage images of Mount Rushmore National Monument.
This set contains the following Quilt Blocks:
    RU0001a Shrine of Democracy
    RU0001b Shrine of Democracy
    RU0001c Aerial View of Mount Rushmore 1940
    RU0001d Mount Rushmore from Below 1941
Each block is 4" x 6" with 1/4" seam allowance on each.
American Quilt Blocks are READY-TO-SEW
Giclee (zhee-CLAY) printing is a recently developed printing process that utilizes high resolution digital scanning and new, sophisticated inkjet technology to reproduce detailed, accurate images and artwork. The inks used are archival quality, resulting in colors that are brighter and longer lasting than prints made by traditional printing methods. The colors we are able to produce on cloth are bright and vibrant and the image reproduction is excellent. Using the latest computer and software technology to create the finest prints on cloth possible. The cloth is 100% cotton sateen that is soft and easy to quilt. The quilt blocks we produce are among the very best and easiest to work with on the market today.

American Quilt Blocks are READY-TO-SEW. They are NOT TRANSFERS. The old transfer process resulted in hard and brittle quilt blocks that were virtually impossible to quilt through. The old transfers were labor intensive and difficult to work with. These quilt blocks are easy to work with and the color reproduction is vastly superior to the older transfers.



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