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IRS Event SALE~Jan. 14th thru Jan. 25 ~ Everything on SALE

Join us for our ANNUAL Inventory Reduction Sale

Tuesday, January 14th thru Saturday, January 25th.
Open Monday, January 20th during this special sale.

ALL Fabric (1 yd cut min.)Pre-Cuts~Notions~Threads ~ 20% (30%)
Books ~ 20% (30%)
Kits ~ 20% (30%)
200 bolts reduced to 50% off (60%)
Find a "skinny"(3 yards or less) bolt on the shelf (anywhere) & get 50% off. You must buy the whole bolt.
Selected 1 yard cuts ~ 3.99 (40% to 70%)
Finished items ~ 30% (40%)
Selected Finished Quilts ~ 10% (20%)
Christmas, Halloween, Fall Fabrics ~ 40% (50%)
Fat Quarters ~ $1.00 OFF
Reward points are like getting another 10% off your purchase.

INTERNET SHOPPERS ~ Enter "IRS" for sale discounts. Discounts will be given at time of shipping
BOM - Plain & Fancy - Starting in Mid Febr. 2014. Call shop for more details.  

CALENDAR/EVENTS Passionate Quilter's Retreat

Buying fabric for making quilts seems like it should be pretty simple.
And, frankly, when I began quilting, it was simple. At least I made it that way. I wandered through the fabric store and found fabric I liked – the pattern, the color, the design. But generally, I bought fabric just because I liked it. As a result, my quilting fabric stash included all types of fabrics – polyesters, cotton/polyesters, rayons, and some wools. After a few quilt making experiences (some of which were pretty bad), I learned the advantages of different fabrics. Now I look at a few different things when I consider fabrics to buy. Generally I prefer natural fibers. It’s probably a sense of connecting to quilters of yesteryear.
Or it may be that a comment made to me years ago about “wrapping a baby in plastic (polyester)” just stuck with me – in a negative sense. While I prefer natural fibers, I have made some fun quilts that include an occasional polyester or poly/cotton blend, because it offered some design benefit that I couldn’t find in cotton.
There are several specific reasons quilters prefer 100% cotton:
• Cotton is easy to work with. After you sew a seam, you can easily finger press your seam allowances in the direction you want them to go. (That means that your fabric will stay put without pressing it every step along the way.)
• Cotton sticks together while you sew your pieces. Polyester tends to slip and slide, requiring pinning or basting, lest your patches end up being sewn all cockeyed.
• Cotton has a little “give” to it that synthetics don’t have. This allows you to pull and tug a bit (as well as bunch it up a little) in order to get the seams to match and make your corners square.
• Cotton breathes. Whether you are making a baby quilt or a bed quilt, 100% cotton fabric will allow air to circulate while capturing the warmth. How this works is just a mystery to me, but it seems to be true.
• Cotton absorbs the dyes better. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the colors are more vibrant and the patterns have more depth.
• Cotton is durable. It has stood the test of time and constant use.
• Cotton can be torn (or ripped). Although this can be a benefit or a drawback, it means that you will be able to determine exactly how the fibers line up. You will be able to “square up” the edge just torn, since it will not rip across the threads.
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