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Ideal Seam Guide 2.5" - Sew Very Smooth

Ideal Seam Guide by Sew Very Smooth. Ideal Seam Guide - 2.5".This little wonder is perfect for use on the arm of your machine. Because it is less flexible, be sure to "lint" it up a little so that it will be easier to re-position.

Seam Guide Instructions:
Remove the acetate covering the back side of the guide, (Label side goes up when sewing). Place the guide where you want your seam allowance measurement to be, with the beveled end of the guide away from you. Then Sew. To take the guide up, lift on the beveled end. If the guide does not come up easy enough, put a bit of water around the beveled end and let it sit for a few minutes and try again.
To clean the guide after it gets to linty, wash in the kitchen sink with warm soapy water and gently rub the lint away. Let it air dry and it is ready to use over again.

*No Clamps!
*No Magnets!
*No Sticky Residue!
*Rubber Holds in Place like Cement!
*Releases with the Slightest Amount of Pressure!
*Clean with Warm, Soapy Water When 'Linty'
*Tested to Last for Hundreds, even a Thousand Placements!
*Grandchild Tested! Withstood Sword Fight and Bath!
*BO Tested! (black lab) Oily Black Hair Easily Washed Away!
...No animals were endangered during testing...


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