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Labyrinth Walk - The Guilty Quilter - GQU02

Labyrinth Walk-The Guilty Quilter-GQU02. by Christopher Florence. Great dimensional pattern. No Y seams..  Shipping $2.75.
Shipping will be adjusted on our end AFTER we receive your order.  Your order will show 7.00, but final billing will be 12.75

Kits available for $120.00..(top only) Let us know your color preference.
List of Materials:
   4 Contrasting Fabrics:
      1 2/3 yards of a white
      2 7/8 yards of a light
      2 2/3 yards of a dark (medium or dark)
      3 1/8 yards of a black (very dark)
      7 3/4 yards of a backing fabric (44" wide) 2 1/2 yards of 108" wide

Are you a Guilty Quilter?  There's a reason we call it a "Stash".  Do you sneak into my own home, frantically searching for a place to hide the my most recent fabric purchases.  Getting caught meant having to explain.  Guilt, it seemed, was just part of being a quilter.  But I'm tired of sneaking around, and I say the guilt stops here!

Labyrinth Walk quilt was inspired by a gorgeous floor discovered in Naples Italy.

Skill level = Intermediate
84 inches x 84 inches
Designed by Christopher Florence
Published by The Guilty Quilter

Note:  All corrections to the original pattern have been updated with this pattern printing.

YES!  This pattern is in stock!  FYI:  Chris Florence, the pattern designer, does not authorize the sale of PDF Download version of his patterns.   Only printed patterns are available.

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Link to Guilty Quilter Blog CLICK HERE

Labyrinth-Denise from Australia  
Denise from Australia

labyrinth walk labyrinth walk-marty k labyrinth walk
labyrinth walk labyrinth walk marty knutson
 Denise from Australia  green labyrinth  red labyrinth
labyrinth turq  Judy S-Labyrinth Walk  Kathleen's LB  



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