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Freedom - Villa Rosa - 38 x 45 - FQ Friendly

Villa Rosa-Freedom. 38"x 45" - 6 Fat Quarters.....Binding 1/2 yd

A little trick I use when pairing up the strip sets--- Divide the 6 fabrics into two groups of 3 that you like together.   Then when sewing the strip sets, you have just 3 different pairs possible with each group.  There is no thinking once you split them into 3's.  No brainers are my kind of design choices.
When I was choosing the pairs for this quilt, I did not follow my usual plan of dividing the 6 fabrics into 2 sets of three.  Instead, I just paired up any way I pleased.  With only 6 fabrics total, it is very hard to keep like fabrics out of the same row.  So I think I will go back to the 3 set plan.  Each set of 3 can be scrambled exactly 3 ways.  And the blocks made from each of the 2 sets can be alternated, so like fabrics don't end up in a row.  Make sense?--probably not till you do it. 
Freedom is simply the 6 Fat Quarter version of the Kings Ransom that uses 12 Fat Quarters.  I did these big 4 Patch blocks to show off the big prints. Unlike random 8" squares, the 4 Patch actually tames some of the busy action of our big prints.
It uses the fabric efficiently, like most of my designs.  The leftover pieces make the quilt a little wider, a little nicer size.  It still fits on a one-width back.

A couple weeks ago, I cut up loads of fabric from the Community Service closet into 9" strips for this quilt.  Regular Quarter yards also work--just cut the strip in half to mix with half strips.  Just by matching colors, I have some great quilts cut and read to sew.  They take little more than an hour to piece once they are cut.


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